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Who‘s using Artist Shops?

Artists, schools, sports teams, libraries, authors, video games, YouTube channels, comedians, non-profits, activists, small businesses, and many other amazing people use Artist Shops to power their online store!

Logo for Chicago Design Museum

Design for Chicago Design Museum by Yun Jee Nam

We love the idea of Artist Shops because it echoes the ability for creative exploration. As a small museum, we don’t have the ability to produce products or manage a warehouse but Threadless takes care of all of the day-to-day logistics.”

Chicago Design Museum View shop

Logo for elebea

Design for Patio by Elebea

I’ve always been a huge fan of Threadless and when I saw the opportunity to see my work being printed on t-shirts made by a really cool company, it was just perfect.”

elebea View shop

Logo for archiecomics's Artist Shop

Design for Jughead

The process of opening a Archie Comics shop was quick and effortless, and we were able to create a custom shop that really represented the Archie brand.”

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I’ve bought Threadless shirts in the past and thought the service was great, so when I found out you did Artist Shops I decided to give it a go. It’s been a good experience so far!”


WXRT's Artist Shop

Design for XRT 80s Headphone

We needed to find partner that could handle all of the t-shirt production, order fulfillment and shipping, and Threadless ended up being a very good fit. ”

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Polyvinyl Threadless Shop

Design for Polyvinyl x IHEARTJLP Collaboration

We thought it would be cool to team up with Threadless to bring back some classic t-shirt designs from our most prominent bands throughout the history of the label.”

Polyvinyl Threadless Shop View shop

Logo for Femme Magnifique

Design for Femme Salute

One of the great opportunities that arises from partnering with Threadless is the ability to be proactive in our message of female empowerment, and also be reactive.”

Femme Magnifique View shop

Logo for Chiaravalle Montessori Spirit Shop

Design for Chiaravalle Montessori - Dark

Our community is so happy to have a less costly alternative for our Spirit Gear!”

Chiaravalle Montessori Spirit Shop View shop

Logo for Katie Lukes

Design for Good Vibes Only

I like the flexibility and customization Artist Shops offer. I’m able to adapt my shop to have the look and feel that goes along with my style.”

Katie Lukes View shop

Logo for Alex Pardee's Land Of Confusion


Opening an Artist Shop allows me to be spontaneous, creative, and experimental without having to worry about the risks that have always accompanied that those things in the past.”

Alex Pardee's Land Of Confusion View shop

Logo for Sashaunisex's Shop

Design for Red fox

Many people want to have a piece of my art not only on skin, but also on a wall of their house or on a t-shirt. That’s amazing that little things can bring so much joy.”

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Logo for HappyBombs's Artist Shop

Design for Breast Badge T-shirt

We had hit a point where we had all of the designs ready to go, and we were ready to launch, but we just didn’t have the capital to print everything. Then a friend told us about Artist Shops and everything clicked into place.”

HappyBombs's Artist Shop View shop

Logo for RIK.Supply

Design for RIK Wavy

If I have an idea, any idea, I dedicate an hour or two to fooling around in Photoshop or Illustrator with it and then head to Threadless to create new products.”

RIK.Supply View shop

Logo for Mitch O'Connell

Design for Trump

Since Threadless is the most popular, respected and beloved one-stop shop for the greatest tees in the universe, I was thrilled to set up a shop!”

Mitch O'Connell View shop

Logo for Hazy Dell Press

Design for S is for Sasquatch

The Artist Shop makes it really easy for us to focus on creating the best possible designs and not worry about the administrative hassle of running a merchandise business.”

Hazy Dell Press View shop

Logo for Tara McPherson

Design for Wandering Luminations

Why not team up with a t-shirt company to do what they are best at doing!”

Tara McPherson View shop

Logo for nicolas bruno's Artist Shop

Design for PALUDE

Artist Shops gives photographers an exciting avenue to explore the showcasing their work on interesting mediums.”

nicolas bruno's Artist Shop View shop

Jim Tozzi

Design for XRA

Being part of Artist Shops is wonderful, not only is my work seen by more people, it makes it incredibly easy to make new designs available not to mention the color choices of shirts.”

Jim Tozzi View shop

Logo for RiffTrax on Threadless!

Design for RiffTrax MST3K Reunion Roll Call

Threadless's Artist Shop made it ridiculously easy for RiffTrax to launch an apparel store where we can sell shirts based on our live events with no overhead.”

RiffTrax on Threadless! View shop

Logo for WeirdBeard Games Shop

Design for WeirdBeard Games Logo White

Setting up the store was extremely easy. We had it up and running within the hour.”

WeirdBeard Games Shop View shop

Logo for nonnahsonic's Artist Shop

Design for Bull City Roller Derby

Our Artist Shop has taken off and it's blown me away. It's like money's springing up out of nowhere!”

nonnahsonic's Artist Shop View shop

Logo for Tommy Nease

Design for Foreboding

Artist Shops is nearly effortless to keep up with, and I love the fact that people can support my craft in a very affordable way.”

Tommy Nease View shop

Logo for Signalnoise Threadless Store

Design for Digital Paradise

I don’t require my own stock, I don’t lose time shipping, and I can use as many colours as I want. It’s a perfect solution for me, and my audience has been loving it.”

Signalnoise Threadless Store View shop

Logo for I Heart Guts

Design for Life Takes Guts

Print on demand puts our customers in control and offer them an incredible variety of products — we love that about our Artist Shop!”

I Heart Guts View shop

Logo for Paper Girls Shop

Design for Squad Goals

I really dig the idea of merch, you know? I love how it extends the style and experience of the book.”

Paper Girls Shop View shop

Logo for The Wicked + The Divine

Design for Pantheon Icons

Many of our T-shirts are real garments that have actually appeared in the comic, worn by fans in the comic.”

The Wicked + The Divine View shop

Logo for forlornfunnies's haute couture

Design for Ascots

With the Artist Shop, the setup was intuitive, seamless, and it's designed from the ground up to be a high end shop interface.”

forlornfunnies's haute couture View shop